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Bad Mommy

I did not get on the computer at ALL this weekend, not once - which means I don't have any of Aaron's birthday party pics of my own to share!!! Hopefully tonight that's what I'll be doing so I'll have my own pictures to share, but until then you can see a few on my SIL's blog...and this one that Elaine took of Aaron diving into his cake!! And I've include a slide show of their pics, too. I think Elaine & Jamie honestly took more pictures that I did - my hands weren't free for the camera much, so I'll have to see if I can't coerce a few of my favorite pics out of them!!! (Thanks guys!) Mother & I made this little football shaped cake for him and he wasn't shy about diving into it at all!!! Not like Emma at her first b'day - we had to feed her cake to her with a fork!! She wasn't letting go of those babies!!!
(Slide shows - click to advance the pictures!) Here are all the pics from Saturday that Elaine took:
And here are Jamie…

Our Baby Boy's First Year

I cannot believe that it has been 1 year since we brought our son home!! It has just flown by way, way, way too fast!! And we have cherished every moment of it!! All the "firsts" have been so special...
It seems like just yesterday I was holding him for the first time!

 And the first time his daddy held his son... The first time his big sister got to hold her baby brother...   His first time to go to church - he slept through most of it!  His first portrait session with Elaine!!  Those tiny hands that held such a grip on my finger...and my heart!
 Laughing with his sister! Love dressing up for church on Sundays & taking pics of my babies! Playing in his exersaucer and being able to be up and view the world around him!   The first time he had baby food...still can't get this boy full!!!

I love his laughter - it's simply infectious!!  He loves bath-time, though now he's too big for the rubber ducky.. :(
 First time annoying his sister! I'm sure we ha…

My 4 day weekend in pictures!!!

Well, I don't have any pics from Friday night - though I wish I did b/c we had a blast playing Bunco at my SIL's house. I have only played Bunco about 3 times in my life including Friday and each time I have the best time!!!! I've said before I'd love to start up a group playing on a regular basis, but have never done it - my niece has been playing once a month with a group for about 10 years!!! I think that would be awesome!!!
While the girls were all playing, the guys all went out to dinner with the kiddos and it sounded like they had a great time, too. Emma informed me that her daddy let her play in the sand when they went out to eat! I never could understand why a restaurant would have a play area with sand, but this one place we like to go does...and honestly we NEVER let her play in it...but I guess Friday was an exception!
Saturday we had errands to run all day and we planned a fish fry for that evening b/c Michael had gone fishing Friday and Saturday and we ha…