Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yummy Stroganoff Recipe

So last night I made Stroganoff - it's one of my favorite dishes! When I have time & plan ahead I used to cook beef tips all day in the slow cooker so it would be super tender and ready to go into my stroganoff. Since I don't have tons of time these days and don't plan ahead like I should, I often make it now with ground meat. And since I married a hunter - ground venison actually! It tastes the same to me and is totally lean - no fat whatsoever!!

So other than the venison (& mushrooms - forgot to get their picture) here are some of my key ingredients!

Wocestershire Sauce. Say that three times fast!
Egg Noodles - now I know this is rigatoni, but  that's b/c when I started cooking last night & went into the pantry for my egg noodles (which I almost always have on hand) there were none to be found. The rigatoni was a good substitute, but Egg Noodles are my preference!
 Black Pepper - lots and lots of black pepper!
 Cream of Mushroom & Sour Cream - I'm doing Weight Watchers, so the 98% Fat Free Soup and Fat Free Sour Cream help cut way back on the points for this meal!
 And yes - I don't mind buying generic on some items...some you have to buy certain brands, though - but that's a whole other post!!

So, to start off cook your ground meat (I cooked up 1lb) & mushrooms (about 1 1/2 cups sliced) till it's totally done & your mushrooms are nice and tender. You can throw in onions, too - sometimes I do - sometimes I don't! I also put the Worcestershire sauce in while my mushrooms are cooking so they soak up that yummy taste!
 When that's all done put in your soup...
 then your sour cream and give it all a good mix...then add the black pepper. Both the sour cream & the black pepper is really to taste, but I like LOTS of black pepper. Lots & Lots! And I like enough sour cream to make the mixture really creamy - last night I used about 12oz of sour cream. You can use as much as you want and you can even add a splash of milk if you want it even more creamy.
When that is all mixed well and looks nice & creamy I put in my noodles, which I've cooked al dente. I do this b/c I want them to finish cooking in the sauce so they'll also soak up all that yummy flavor goodness.
 Mix it all up really well - turn the heat down low and cook till your noodles are tender.
 Then serve it up in a big bowl - with a big spoon - b/c it's a hearty meal!
 You can tell my family loves it - we didn't even have leftovers!
Aaron even really enjoyed it last night! 
With a little sweet peas on the side it was a great meal for dinner last night!


  1. Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing!

    Great blog! I'm your newest follower! Jessica@

  2. YUM!!! That is something I will most def. have to try now!! Looks easy enough too. ALso love seeing Aaron walk! How old is he again? He has gotten quite good at it!! Gave me little flutters because I know mine will be doing that soon. yeah!


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