Why buy toys...tupperware is so much better!

Friday, January 14, 2011
Emma was our first born so of course, she got a little bit spoiled! Oh, c'mon - who are we kidding - there were toys EVERYWHERE!!! But even with all those toys she wanted to play with everything else! And she wanted to be wherever I was...so when I would cook I would bring her a couple of toys into the the kitchen and it never failed, the toys would lose her attention very quickly and she would start opening cabinets.

Now most of our cabinets have child locks on them, but one that doesn't is the Tupperware door - okay, so all the plastic stuff I call Tupperware - I don't know that I seriously have one piece that is actually Tupperware brand! Well, maybe just one or two. It's like Kleenex -that's the brand name, but all tissues are Kleenex...or Q-tips, same thing. Wait...I'm getting a little off track here!!

Sorry - okay I'm back now! Emma - in the cabinet! 

So, eventually I just gave in and would bring her into the kitchen and actually sit her in front of that cabinet and let her go to town while I cooked. She'd have every plastic cup and container out on the floor and would have the BEST time! 

Aaron...is no different!  So, this week I took this picture of Aaron and remembered I had the same picture of Emma when she was about the same age, doing the same thing!! Kids are all so different, but really they are all just alike!! :)

Kids LOVE to get into the Tupperware cabinet!

So, just let them! Every kitchen needs a cabinet that is completely safe for kids to open, empty everything out of & even crawl into if they wish!!! IMHO!!