Monday, January 17, 2011

Proof that kids watch EVERYTHING you do...

So, my little girl is growing up and doesn't need mommy's help as much anymore on big girl tasks (tear), but it's also good that she is learning to do things on her own - I know this in my head, please someone explain it to my heart!!

Well, one of those things is getting dressed. She's actually been getting dressed on her own for quite a while - including picking out her wardrobe! Now, when I would help her get dressed I would put her shirt over her head and then she would slip her arms in and through the arm holes. Normal order for dressing a toddler! Well, the other day she was in my room while I was getting dressed and she commented on the fact that I put my arms in first, then slipped my shirt over my head and put my head through the hole the time I really didn't think anything of it, except, "Hmmm...she is right. I hadn't noticed that I did it differently when I dressed her."

Well, this morning I was doing my hair and Emma was in her room getting dressed (in an outfit she picked out this morning as opposed to the one we picked out the night before to save time I might add) and she came into my room - she was fully dressed except she only had her arms in her shirt and was holding it in front of her...then she told me, "Look mommy!" She pulled the shirt over her head, pulled it down then put out her arms like "TA DA" and she said, "See, I did it like you Mommy!!!" and turned & walked back to her room to finish dressing. 

I was dumbfounded!! Because she watched that I put my shirts on me differently than how I put them on her she made a point to show me that she could do it that way, too. Kids do watch and really see EVERYTHING that you do!

This seems like eons ago now...


  1. It's crazy how much they pick up! Landyn does the SAME THINGS. :)

  2. What a precious story! Gotta love the pure moments like that!


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