Project 31: Day 8 Beauty Tips

Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, I don't know if I would call them "tips" really - but here are my go-to things that I always do for my beauty regime!!
First - for my hair, it has to be tamed! I have wild, curly hair & if I just let it go all natural it's all over the place!! So, if I just let it dry naturally I've found this is a good product to just fluff & go!!
Though - ideally if I have time I like to partially blow dry my hair, use this...
then put my hair up in huge Velcro rollers & let it finish drying...then when I take it down flatness it never an issue and it was still a pretty easy process - just takes a little longer b/c I have to let it finish drying!! I've just recently discovered these products to be honest, but they'll be under my sink from now on!!!

Also - my quickest beauty tip consists of two things:

Nothing removes make up better!!!

If we're on the way home late at night I actually will grab a wipey out of my diaper bag & start wiping off the makeup in the car - then my face cleaning is at least done by the time we get home, except for maybe adding a little moisturizer! And Vaseline is the best thing I've found for removing ALL makeup and it really makes my skin super soft, too - so no need for moisturizer!! And they are both cheap, too! Which helps to offset the cost of the new Redkin products I've started using!! LOL!