Out of Pocket for a While

Monday, January 03, 2011
I have not been on the computer much at all these past two weeks - it's been wonderful actually!! LOL! Though I have missed everyone!!! I am so far behind on my reads that I fear I'll never be able to catch up so the best thing to do is just start from this point and go forward!!!

We have had so much fun these past two weeks - Christmases at both parents' homes, birthday parties (Happy Belated 30th Steven), fireworks, s'mores, hayrides, 7-wheelers, mud, the lake...it's been a full two weeks!! Now it's back to our regular routines - which isn't necessarily a bad thing either!

It turned very cold while we were out of town this weekend, so we had the kids super bundled up to go on adventures (a.k.a. riding 4-wheelers and the mule)!
And I was so proud of Emma! She's been getting more and more brave these days - she went out to Trigger and petted her all on her own!! I think that's the first time she has ever touched any of the horses!!
She also went out to the deer stand & helped her daddy put out come corn!!
And sat in his stand a while, too!! He is anxious to take her hunting with him - I still think it'll be a few years, though. Do you know impossible it is going to be to get that girl to sit QUIETLY in a deer stand??? She'll have all the deer scared away for a good mile radius!! LOL!! 

This weekend is my honey's b'day, too!! He is going to 34 years old! I think he just realized how old we are - he asked me last week, "Why do we have to get old???" I just told him to speak for himself - I'm still a young 'un!! Ha Ha! He did get an early b'day present from my parents yesterday, though that he was super excited about - but I'll just wait till his b'day post to share pics of all his goodies! I might be getting him a new wedding band (don't worry - he never reads my site!!), b/c he actually lost his this past week. We've looked everywhere for it - he's lost so much weight it didn't fit anymore. We should have taken it to get re-sized. You know what will happen, though - as soon as I buy him another one we'll find his somewhere. That's the way it always goes. 

Well, I'm working on a new layout for my site - time to take down the Christmas decorations. It's actually done, I just need to find the pictures of the kids that I want to put in the header before I put it up.