Don't ya love to be scared???

Friday, January 14, 2011
When we were up in East Texas for the holidays we took the kids on a hayride. When we first took off it was actually a little warm - I don't really mean short sleeve weather, but we didn't take jackets and even with the breeze we were comfortable. We went around a bend in the road and then all of a sudden, the wind changed directions and we were all instantly freezing!! It was almost eery - like in a scary movie when a ghost goes by and you get a chill and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up - yeah, that kind of feeling!

We kept going only instead of sitting on the blankets on the hay, we picked them up and used them for cover! We made it a little further up the road and this was our view!
The sky was coming down on us - but the eery-ness was part of the fun to be honest!! When we were kids I remember going on hayrides and we would "break-down" somewhere along the ride and my BIL who was driving (remember my brothers & sisters are all a bit older than me) would tell us a scary story while we "let the engine cool off" and then after we were good and scared my brother and cousins would come out of the woods and really scare us all to death!! 

It was a blast!!!!

Now we don't scare the kids quite so bad, but that's only b/c they are still really young - the oldest of the kids is 7 & the youngest is 4 months. We'll wait until they are all a little older and then it'll be our turn to give them a good scare!! :)