It was a weekend full of birthdays...which means a LOT of pictures!!

Monday, January 10, 2011
 The first of the birthday partying started Friday night. Michael's very good friend from HS turned 34, too just 4 days before Michael. So, Friday night we all got together with family and friends to have dinner together and celebrate both their birthdays. When they put this big sombrero on Michael he popped it over onto Aaron's head - but Aaron didn't like that one bit. I wish I had caught his little expression on camera!!
 Then Saturday was Kynleigh's FIRST birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese!! I can't believe she is already a year!! And she is such a cutie pie!!!
This is Kynleigh and her daddy, Bo.
I thought this was too cute - instead of pulling out her present, Kynleigh went into the bag after it!!
 Michael, Riane & the kiddos trying to out-dance one another!!
 Riane told us Brad said there were two places he'd never go - Disney World and Chuck-E-Cheese...and well, here he is at Chuck-E-Cheese playing the grown up games with tokens he stole from Isabel, his daughter!!! LOL!! I think Disney World might be in their future now!!
 Kallie and her big girl, Kynleigh!!

 Emma took Aaron on a horse ride - he wasn't on long till he was ready for daddy to take him off! Honestly, I think she was squeezing him too tight!!

 Kynleigh putting the moves on my little man!! LOL!! 

Tonight we had another birthday party for Michael at home with just the family!!
We grilled steaks and shrimp and I roasted asparagus and we put cabbage on the grille, too. I also had cheesy croissants for us to munch on for starters while we were cooking!! The dinner was so yummy!! We ate early b/c Emma and I had bought daddy a yummy birthday cake and well, after that big meal we knew we'd need some time before going on to our cake! LOL

Emma & Aaron helping daddy blow out his candles!! Aaron better practice on this - his first birthday is in just a little over one more month!!!
 He definitely has the cake eating part down - he loved the strawberries especially b/c they were covered in chocolate I'm sure!! Emma on the other hand, just ate all the fruit off the cake. She wasn't too worried about the cake part at all actually!!
She also liked the fact that we used her swirly birthday candles for daddy's cake - I did think about putting all 34 candles on his cake, but then thought better about it and decided four was plenty!! Ha ha!!

It was cold and wet and yucky outside so we spent most of the day inside - we played living room football and soccer and had a great family day together!! It's days like this that I wish I had a video camera hooked up to record everything b/c it was such a great day I'd like to be able to make it last forever! I think Michael had a great day for his birthday. He played all day with the kids and loved it! He even had TWO pieces of cake!! Ha ha!