I finished my first hat...with minimal errors!!

Monday, January 17, 2011
WooHoo - I finished my first hat this weekend! I have to admit it didn't come out PERFECT, but can you tell!??! I still think it looks pretty good & it's definitely warm!
Mom also told me a variation to my stitch if I didn't want the rows...I'm doing that stitch now with a scarf I started when I finished the hat. I think I like the look of this stitch better than the ribbed look - all depends on the pattern really. And I'm doing a double crochet stitch, too so it's a much tighter pattern - be good and warm wrapped around my neck!
 Our neighbor came over to visit last night & brought Aaron a 3 pack of Baby Legs - I love these things! And love that when they outgrow them they can wear them as sleeves, too!! Anyway - I'm in search of a pattern for these now - I think they would be very fun to make and be a good beginner pattern for me, too!