Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Traditions

Every one knows what "the game" is for Christmas, right? Some people call it white elephant. Everyone draws a number & then in turn you get to either choose a gift from the pile or steal one that someone else has already opened. Okay - well, in my family we play that game every year, but we do it with homemade gifts. My brother & his family (of 10 kids) played this game at his house this year with "As Seen on TV" gifts when they got together at his house - brilliant idea!! We might have to do this one year, too!!

Anyway, I'm not trying to start Christmas posts again, but I wanted to share what Michael made this year, with a little help from one of my brothers! 
We tried to get it back, but in the end my brother stole it away from us!!
My niece picked his gift - though it was really just a very tiny gift bag -so after she opened, well nothing, he went out and got the real gift & brought it in to her!
(I make fun of Michael when he wears his hat that way! hee hee!)
I think she liked it - but Michael stole it from her, I stole it from Michael (thinking that would kill it b/c items can only be stolen 3x - I can't count), but then my brother stole it from me! And he ended up giving it to my Grannie after all was said & done! You can't see its face from this angle and I wish I had taken more pictures of it b/c it's really cute!! 

We saw these for sale before Christmas for around $45 & Michael decided this was what he wanted to make for his homemade gift. I think he finished it the night before the game was played!! And my brother had cedar posts, which was even better b/c it will last longer & looks so much nicer!

My homemade gift was a portrait of our family from Thanksgiving that I had framed. 
I've told you I had a big family - we had 45 at my Grannie's house for Thanksgiving & were missing about 27 people. One of my sisters was actually missing from this picture b/c she was home sick, but my other three siblings & I were there. My mother & all but one of her kids are in this picture...and about half of her grandkids. Starting with my Grannie there are actually five generations in this picture! I can't remember we were able to get together on a day that EVERYONE could make it, but this was a good part of the family. We had about the same turnout for Christmas, but some of these weren't there & others were! This ended up getting stolen the max number of times, too but after the game was over I had copies for everyone else who didn't win it - but I only had the one for my game gift framed.

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