Ear Infections...Again...or Still...

Friday, January 28, 2011
Well, my little man has ear infections again...or still. I don't know if they've ever gone away. We went in for his 9 month check up (2 months ago) and discovered that he had two ear infections and bronchitis at that time. 

Antibiotics & breathing treatments.(round 1)

Follow up 2 weeks later - still had both.

More Antibiotics, more breathing treatments.(round 2)

Follow up 2 weeks later - still had ear infections, but bronchitis was gone. 

More Antibiotics plus a shot of antibiotics & a flu shot since the bronchitis was better. (round 3)

Scheduled a follow up for 30 days later so we could get his 2nd flu shot (that would have been a week from Monday)

So, yesterday Aaron woke up with a runny eye. He didn't have any fever and he acted fine, though. That evening his eye was still runny and he had a low grade fever of 99 degrees. I gave him some acetaminophen & he went to bed & actually had a very good night, so I had high hopes for this morning. Well, his eye looked better this morning, but he felt very warm to me still - so I took his temperature again this morning and it was 102.1. Sheesh!!! I can't believe he didn't wake up crying or anything during the night. I don't have any idea what time it spiked. 

So, I gave him more acetaminophen, we dropped Emma off at school (day care) and headed to the sitter's house - who is basically like family. I went on into work and told her I was going to call the doctor to get an appointment and would call when I found out a time - I hoped he would just rest & that's just what he did. He went back to bed after I left, took a long nap & when I went to pick him for his appointment (which was at 11:00) he was up and happy as ever. She said he had woke up in the BEST mood!! He didn't feel warm to me at all...and sure enough it was 98.4 degrees when we saw the doctor. His lungs were clear and sounded good, but sure enough he still had ear infections. 

Now we've used three non-penicillin antibiotics b/c both Emma, her daddy & I have had reactions to it...Emma's was the most severe. Aaron's doctor even had me take him to get tested for the allergy, but you can't test for an allergy unless you've been exposed. I had to spend two hours and a copay at the allergist to find that out, btw!! 

So, the plan is to go forward with the penicillin & watch him (round 4)!! Chances are even if he is allergic he wouldn't have a reaction the first time he's exposed to the medicine. And I have an RN living on one side of me and a Fireman EMT on the other side - and we're ten minutes away from St. Luke's ER, which my doctor told me today has the best peds group, so go there if there is ANY swelling.

His doctor really thinks it's going to work, though b/c it's much stronger than anything he's had. I truly hope it does b/c if it doesn't the only real thing that will be left to do is tubes. Now I know kids get tubes every day...but I only want to put my child under anesthesia as a last resort. If it comes to that, I will do what the doctor thinks is best for him with no hesitation. We're going on 2 months of ear infections, though - in both ears - and 4 antibiotics now. I seriously don't think we'll be trying any more medicines if the penicillin fails to help him.   

And he was SOOOO good at the doctor's office today. He didn't cry out once. He let the doctor poke around in his ears withing even a flinch - something his sister isn't known for - he was smiling and happy and laughing the whole time. You'd never know there was anything wrong with him. 
Well, I'm off to get him now & then run through the pharmacy drive-thru to pick up this penicillin - please say a little prayer it works and we're done with it! Two weeks after this last follow up is his ONE YEAR CHECKUP!! Can you believe it??? I want him well and happy (well, he's still happy) for his b'day, too.