Don't real women walk around in curlers drinking wine!?!?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Or...time to embarrass myself!

So...when I wash my hair at night I either just let it dry down naturally - it I want a little bit of a wild look in the AM, or I'll put it up in Velcro rollers and even sleep in them if it isn't dry by the time I crawl into bed (not the most comfy sleep on those nights). 

Last night was a roller night. 

Last night was also a "have a glass of wine night"!! 

Ain't I cute??
I was tired and wanted to sit, relax and catch up on my DVR after the kids went to bed - particularly Private Practice b/c I missed it last week. Only thing is, when I clicked on PP on my DVR, it wasn't PP that played - it was some other show that I had never seen. My DVR played a dirty trick on me last night it would appear AND to make matters worse the latest episode isn't even online to watch AND to make it even more worse Aaron did NOT want to go to sleep last night so I kept having to go in and get him, rock him, change him, feed him, soothe him, play with him... until 3 hours later he finally decided he'd go to bed & stay there.

So, it seems I wouldn't have been able to watch PP anyway, but I would like to at some point...I guess eventually it'll be online, but if it's after Thursday that means I can't watch tomorrow night's episode either.