Crochet Me a Beanie Please!

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Did I know that I can crochet?? Probably not, b/c I'm not a pro at it by any means & haven't done too much of it, but I do know the basics thanks to my mom & can make simple things! 

Rainbow Clutch

Product of my Insomnia

Amigurumi Mushroom
(Please excuse the bad pictures - these were taken with an old cameraphone!!)

It is a lot of fun, though & very relaxing!! I started again this time b/c a)I wish I hadn't quit before & b)I've been having a lot of problems lately with my hand & I thought this might help. Like exercise for my hands. Over the past year my hands have hurt more and more and these last few months it's gotten to the point where it kept me from doing things. I couldn't open a bag of crackers, I have a hard time opening my toothpaste, I can't write too long w/out my hand starting to shake & sometimes even dropping my pen. I am constantly massaging my hands to help the pain.

So...after a while enough was enough - changing diapers even became a challenge...I decided it was time to see a doctor. I thought I might have CT or arthritis since I broke my right wrist & my left arm years ago (not at the same time). The doctor checked me out, did x-rays and told me that I had inflammation in both wrists, though much more so in my right one, gave me some anti-inflammatory meds & a wrist brace...
(lovely, huh?)

...and said, "Let's see how this helps!" If it doesn't I'll go back for an MRI & possibly a shot of cortisone I guess. He said he couldn't tell me why there was inflammation, but he sees it a lot. I have a month's worth of the meds, so I guess that's the time frame I'll give it before I go back if I don't see improvement. I don't like wearing the brace, though b/c it's hard to write & type and that's what my job mostly consists of - but I do wear it. I don't wear it to meetings, though. I'm thinking of getting an ergonomic keyboard, though - everyone that I know that has one loves it. Do you??? 

So...back to the crochet project, I'm making a beanie hat. I've never made a hat before, so I'm learning. The first one won't be brilliant, but I'll show you when I'm finished!!! I think I'll do some hat/scarf combos after I perfect the hat - hmmm, maybe there's a giveaway there! I like the clutch purses I made a lot, too - I could do a set of all three maybe!!