Cowboy Poker...say what???

Friday, January 07, 2011
Have you ever heard of this??? 

Apparently the premise is to sit at a poker table in the middle of a rodeo arena and play poker - the catch is that there is a bull, yes a bull, roaming around the arena with you! The winner is not necessarily the cowboy with the best hand, but rather the one that manages to hang onto his seat the longest in the off chance this bull decides to use you or the person next to you to sharpen his horns!!! 

Check out this video - I don't even think they bother with cards! LOL

I only bring this up b/c apparently we are going to be a witness to this tomorrow night! Hubby sent me a text earlier that said, "Instead of bowling Saturday, we're going to Cowboy Poker!" To which my immediate reply (well, immediate after I found out what it was), "Ummm...we're not doing that, right? We're just watching???"