Beauty Tips from Emma

Sunday, January 16, 2011
I came into Emma's bathroom yesterday to find her in front of her mirror with brush in hand. Emma is not the most tender-headed person, so you can imagine that when it's time to brush all that hair I try my best to be gentle, but when there are tangles it isn't the most fun task!! 

So yesterday she told me, "This is how you do it. Gently!!"
 She then proceeded to attempt to make a ponytail - this wasn't too successful, though. I guess I need to teach her how to put on a ponytail holder!

Except for braids, though she really doesn't like to have her hair up at all. Most days she tells me, "Mommy, I just want to wear it down like this," and then she swings her head around to make her hair swing!! LOL! On those days she wears a headband, b/c that's something she can put in her hair on her own. Usually, though I just pull up the front at least into a little ponytail with a clip to keep it out of her eyes!

Finding her like this in her bathroom made me realize how much she is growing up - it won't be long until she won't need me to do her hair at all. I think that is going to make me cry!