11 in 2011: Day 8 & 9

Sunday, January 09, 2011

 I think my favorite healthy snack has to be fruit - any kind of fruit. When I was pregnant that is what I craved more than anything. It usually also satisfies a thirst, too - especially oranges!! We go through fruit in our house faster than anything else and every time we go grocery shopping we have to restock. I also like to keep grapes in the freezer - it makes an awesome snack - very filling, too!! 

Today we've been playing living room football...then it turned into living room soccer...and for both Emma had to spell out the rules for us!! LOL!! We also built a tent in the living room today since it's so cold and wet outside!! We have been doing that more and more lately. My poor blankets are going through the ringer! 
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Day 7:  Favorite Memory of 2010
Day 8:  Favorite Healthy Snacks
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