11 in 2011: Day 6 - Best Organization Tricks

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The worst thing I fight with to keep organized at home is laundry!! Anyone who knows me knows that there is usually a basket sitting with clothes waiting to be put up at any given time in my house! It's something I've written about many times, too! The latest thing I've done is just to get rid of all the hampers. I used to keep one in each kids room, but then I would find myself with three huge loads to do at a time - b/c I do my laundry and both of the kids - Michael does his own. So, I decided instead of keeping up with three, I would just put one small hamper in my closet that is for my clothes, Emma's & Aaron's...and b/c it isn't too big, when it's full I do that one load of laundry, wash it, dry it and put it up - it's quick - a few clothes for me, a few for Emma and a few for Aaron. Instead of finding myself with so many dirty clothes at one time that I felt overwhelmed and never wanted to put them up. This hamper is the perfect size for one normal load of laundry - and b/c it's in my closet it's always in my way, so I'm always aware of it...so I don't get behind like before!!
Laundry shouldn't be the chore that I make it out to be!!

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