Rocking Chair Pictures

Monday, December 06, 2010
I snagged a great idea when Emma was born from someone - my friend's sister takes a picture every year of her girls at Christmas on the same piece of furniture to show how much they grow each year...the only piece of furniture we have now that I know we'll have for years to come is my rocking chair. It was my Grannie's rocking chair and when I got pregnant with Emma she gave it to me with a beautiful poem from Emma to me...she talked about me being rocked in that chair when I was a baby and how one day I would rock my baby in the same chair. And I did...both my babies!!

So every year, on her b'day I've taken Emma's picture in the chair - and come February Aaron will take his first picture in the rocking chair, too!!

So, instead of just posting her 4th Rocking Chair pic, I thought I would also post a collage of those leading up to #4 - maybe I'll start showing them this way from now on!! Can you tell how much my baby girl has grown!?!? It's so hard to believe!

And then this is for her 4th birthday
She got a little more animated this year showing me how old she was than in years past!! LOL!!