Pictures as Promised and Movie Reviews...but not in that order!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Last night my hubby was so sweet...I told him I wanted to go shopping for myself, for some new clothes. So, after dinner last night we headed over to shop a while - Aaron fell asleep so I just pushed him in the stroller and Michael took Emma to other parts of the store to shop so that I could look around at what I wanted! He even found some great clothes for her on sale! 

After we rented The Joneses.
This movie was pretty good! I would definitely recommend renting it...though it wasn't as good as 
This movie had us rolling!!! There were even a few serious parts to this movie, but they didn't keep the laughs at bay long!! Definitely watch this movie if you're looking for a good laugh!!

After the disappointment with The Tourist we needed to watch a couple good movies!!

Now...on to a few of those pictures I promised!! This was just for mother's kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids, but we were still missing about half of those. When the entire family gets together at New Year's though we'll get to see those that couldn't make it, though. With a family as big as ours it's all about compromise b/c it's hard to find a date that will get EVERYONE together! 
 My nephew's wife Riane and their girls Meghan (L) & Isabel (R).
My great-niece Gianna.
My great-nephew Jacob.
My beautiful baby girl!
Both my babies - Emma & Aaron.
 My family of four!
 My niece Hailey and her family...
 My niece Amanda and her family...
 My parents...or better known on this blog as Geddo & Teta!
 My little monkey
 The kids had a tree fort!
 No fear!
 The ladies outside enjoying the beautiful day!
 Kids running crazy!
 Oooohhh...that's a new expression Aaron has been doing lately!
 My nephew Macon (he's in the Coast Guard)
My sister Donna and her family - her son Ross (with the beard) is home from the Peace Corps - he's been in Ecuador. 

Tomorrow night we're going to Michael's parents' house for Christmas so I'll have more family pics to share and more beautiful babies to showcase! Then it's Christmas Eve and we'll have to make cookies to set out for Santa - hope you've all been good so he leaves you nice presents and not just a bag full of coal!!