My Babies are Growing Too FAST!!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010
Well, Aaron just turned 9 months old last week and now Emma is going to be 4 on Friday! FOUR!!! I cannot believe that - it's going by way, way, way, way too fast!!! When I look through old pictures of Emma I just can't get over what a big girl she is now...I wish I could just take her back a couple years and keep her there forever!! And Aaron - well, he is in that perfect cuddly stage that is so great - I wouldn't mind putting a stop to his aging process right now either! I'd love to keep my babies as babies, but I know I can't do that - soooo I take TONS of pictures to remember all the great stages along the way!!

And with that being said I finished Aaron's 7-8 month page in his baby book:

I started a book for Emma & went through about 3 years for her...then when I got pregnant with Aaron I started on one for him...I've decided I'll just take his through his first year and then from there on I'll just do one family album per year. Since they are digital I can easily make two copies of each book so both my children can have those memories forever - that is if we're done with just two children! :)