Making Gingerbread Houses & Three Parties equals lots of pictures for this post!!

Monday, December 13, 2010
We had a busy weekend (but VERY fun) to say the least!!

First the follow up to the previous post - the Gingerbread Houses! We had a blast at my sister's house Friday night making Gingerbread Houses with all the kids! Now you can buy the houses pre-made so all you have to do is decorate them - which is good b/c sometimes they need time to dry a while so they'll stay together while you decorate! This way we got right to the fun stuff!!
Here are a few snapshots of the evening & everyone's house:
 This was all the houses in the fridge hardening so the decorations wouldn't slide off!!

Emma posing with her finished house...

Aaron & Justin didn't get houses - they just got to watch!! Next year they'll be right there with the big kids, though!

Emma putting the finishing touches on her roof with help from Amanda!

I think this may become an annual tradition! Though, the kids didn't understand why we wouldn't let them eat their houses - we want them to be decorations for a little while at least!! LOL!!

Then Saturday morning we got up early for our first of three parties for the day...

First was the Childrens Christmas Party at my office:
 Aaron was a little fussy at first, but it only lasted a second!!

 Emma made cookies...
 And a Christmas ornament

 She decorated life-size gingerbread houses...

 and snowmen...
 Aaron tried his hand at the decorating, too...
 Then he just tried the decorations - I kept having to make him quit chewing on them LOL!!!

My two little reindeer!!!!

Then we headed home for a birthday party at noon - thankfully it was next door. I didn't pull out my camera much except to take a picture of the cake - wasn't it cute:

Then we actually had a little while to rest - Aaron needed a nap badly by the time we finished with all this! So, we all rested a while and later my parents came over to visit & play - they stayed at the house with Emma & Aaron while Michael & I headed out to our third & last party of the day - my bestie's birthday/annual holiday party!!
 She had a yummy lemon cake - a friend in pastry school made it & it tasted so delicious!!!
 We always have to do our own self portraits together!! LOL!
This is kinda an inside joke...but have you ever had Unicum???

It was a fun weekend, but phew...I'm tired!! 

December is always this way for us, though. Besides Emma's birthday we have three other kids' birthdays this month for close friends (well this year is the 1st b'day for #4, but going forward there will be 4 parties), plus my work party, plus the children's party at my work, plus Elaine's b'day/holiday party, plus, plus, plus...oh yeah, Christmas get-togethers with all the fam! 

It's just a busy time of the year I keep reminding Michael!!! And that's okay - b/c it's all about being together with those you love, right!?!?