9 Months Checkup & What??

Monday, December 06, 2010
Well, we went in for Aaron's 9 month check up today - he was such a good boy, too!!
 My sister got this little Lion Hat for him - it has matching mittens, too!! It's sooo cute & I thought he looked adorable in it...

We were expecting to be in and out of there in no time...he didn't have to get any shots today, just a finger prick so I thought it would be a quick visit. He & Emma have both been fighting a cold for about a week - well, Emma is pretty much completely over hers. She still has a little bit of a runny nose. Aaron just has a runny nose still and a cough - but that's it. Neither have had fever since Thanksgiving or any other signs of anything.


When the doctor came in she was listening to his lungs and I told her about the colds & how much better he was doing - just a little bit of a runny nose now & a cough...she answers that she can hear him wheezing and then tells me that he has Baby Bronchitis and he is going to have to take breathing treatments 3 times a day for a bit. WHAT?? Bronchitis!?!?! But he's been happy and sleeping good and hasn't had fever! She said that wasn't a surprise. And wait, there's more. He has an ear infection. In BOTH ears!! So he'll have to take an antibiotic for a few days for those. 

So, we spent the last part of our visit like this:
He actually did pretty well taking the treatment. I mean, you can even sort of see him smiling behind the mask. At times he was laughing - guess he thought it was funny. The other little boy at the baby sitter came down with Bronchitis before Thanksgiving - he's still doing breathing treatments - but I think he has other issues, too b/c the medicine he's on is different & it takes about 15 minutes to do a treatment. Aaron's treatment today only took us about 5 minutes - if that long. The doctor also asked about family history and I told her my husband had bad asthma when he was a kid - she said that made him more of a candidate for things like this. 

I rented a nebulizer from the doctor's office for now so we can get started on the treatments - they recommended purchasing a unit b/c we might be using them more in the future. Let's hope not, though. I hope he takes all the treatments as well as he did today. There aren't supposed to be any side affects either, though I think I am going to call the sitter in a bit and see if she notices any after I dropped him off with her.