Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Digital Story of the Nativity

Embedding was disabled for this video...so hop over to YouTube and check it out!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from The Kubeczka's

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pictures as Promised and Movie Reviews...but not in that order!

Last night my hubby was so sweet...I told him I wanted to go shopping for myself, for some new clothes. So, after dinner last night we headed over to shop a while - Aaron fell asleep so I just pushed him in the stroller and Michael took Emma to other parts of the store to shop so that I could look around at what I wanted! He even found some great clothes for her on sale! 

After we rented The Joneses.
This movie was pretty good! I would definitely recommend renting it...though it wasn't as good as 
This movie had us rolling!!! There were even a few serious parts to this movie, but they didn't keep the laughs at bay long!! Definitely watch this movie if you're looking for a good laugh!!

After the disappointment with The Tourist we needed to watch a couple good movies!!

Now...on to a few of those pictures I promised!! This was just for mother's kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids, but we were still missing about half of those. When the entire family gets together at New Year's though we'll get to see those that couldn't make it, though. With a family as big as ours it's all about compromise b/c it's hard to find a date that will get EVERYONE together! 
 My nephew's wife Riane and their girls Meghan (L) & Isabel (R).
My great-niece Gianna.
My great-nephew Jacob.
My beautiful baby girl!
Both my babies - Emma & Aaron.
 My family of four!
 My niece Hailey and her family...
 My niece Amanda and her family...
 My parents...or better known on this blog as Geddo & Teta!
 My little monkey
 The kids had a tree fort!
 No fear!
 The ladies outside enjoying the beautiful day!
 Kids running crazy!
 Oooohhh...that's a new expression Aaron has been doing lately!
 My nephew Macon (he's in the Coast Guard)
My sister Donna and her family - her son Ross (with the beard) is home from the Peace Corps - he's been in Ecuador. 

Tomorrow night we're going to Michael's parents' house for Christmas so I'll have more family pics to share and more beautiful babies to showcase! Then it's Christmas Eve and we'll have to make cookies to set out for Santa - hope you've all been good so he leaves you nice presents and not just a bag full of coal!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

We've had a fantastic weekend...

So much that this is the first time I've sat down to the computer! It's late & I'm tired, so I'll follow up later with pictures...but here's the quick recap! Friday night we went to the movies with friends to see The Tourist. Okay, first let me tell you that I just love Johnny Depp. He's HOT! HOT I tell you!!! 



I was so disappointed in this film. The last ten minutes were great and by that point I had figured "it" out! The movie started out slow and there were a few questions that were left unanswered. All in all, I would say wait till it comes to Redbox to rent this movie for $1. Very sad for lovers of Johnny Depp. I kept waiting for my suave Johnny to enter the screen, but he never did...oh well, there is always Chocolat!

Then Saturday morning bright & early, we took the kids to my parents' house to hang out for the day while we finished our Christmas shopping! And we did! I was so proud of us!! I had bought a very few (as in three) things before yesterday so we had a lot to get done and we had to get it all done on a deadline, b/c at 2:00 we had to load up and drive to Clear Lake (that's an hour drive for those folks that aren't local) for a 1st b'day party! The kids were well rested and fed and in good moods since they had been with my parents all day - which wouldn't have been the case had we drug them around to all the stores with us, plus Emma is too old to shop with her for her anymore...she doesn't miss a thing! A year ago I could hide a gift under stuff in the basket - no longer! 

The birthday party was a lot of fun, too and we got to visit with friends we don't get to see often enough! By the time we made it home both kids were passed out, so we put them straight to bed! Then this morning we got up and went to church, then headed out to my sister's house for our first Christmas. B/c we'll be cooking for the BIG family get together, we went the easy route today and had dinner catered - it was delicious, too! The kids had a blast - they ran upstairs while the adults played games downstairs and it sounded like a (excuse the cliche) heard of elephants up there - signs of them having fun I guess!!

And again tonight by the time we made it home they were both passed out so they went straight to bed. Now Michael and I are sitting up watching football and just relaxing!!

I am off till 2011, so I promise to get pics from this weekend posted - I'm just too tired now to do anything more than this. Since I'll be home, I hope to get a lot done, while the kids are napping, of course! I don't have the first thing wrapped, so I'll have to do that while they are sleeping and I have a lot of pictures from this weekend I need to get processed...plus I had some cute pics of the kids all dressed up today I want to have printed!

Now I think I'm gonna stretch out on the couch with Michael and drift in and out of sleep while he watches football!! LOL! G'night!

Friday, December 17, 2010

We Have TWO Giveaway Winners Today!!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Discount from Overstock.Com

O, O, Oh....it's Overstock.com!! And they are providing all my readers with a discount code to use for 10% off Overstock products and another code for FREE shipping - and just in time for last minute Christmas shopping (I don't know about you, but ALL my Christmas shopping is last minute)!

Personally I have yet to make a purchase at Overstock.com, but with this offer I'm sure I'll find a Christmas present or two to go under my tree!! Hmmm...maybe I should make a wish list for Michael!

They have beautiful handmade jewelry.
Isn't this sooo pretty!?!?
And tons of gorgeous necklaces & pendants.
This would go with the bracelet I found...Michael are you reading this??

I do need a new pair of sunglasses, too.
Michael makes fun of mine - maybe these would be better!!Hee hee!!
Maybe not!?!? But there are a bunch of other very nice ones!!
Like these from D&G!!

And honestly, Michael you could use a new pair of jeans.
His are all too big now - wish I could say the same thing!!

Would you like these honey?

Next year we'll have to check out the furniture store, but I'll put it on my list for this year, too!! Particularly the beds!!! Now that we have two kiddos crawling in bed with us a Queen size just doesn't cut it anymore!!

So...I mentioned a discount code or two, didn't I!?!?!

The discount code is 121745, good for 10% off Overstock products (excluding movies, books, and electronics).  This discount code never expires, however, it can only be used once per email address.

And for free shipping on electronics use code 202234!

So, how about that - a little holiday cheer from Overstock.com!!


All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. 
No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Card Carousel

What a fantastic link up!! Thanks Faith!

I am so late getting my cards mailed out this year. I usually create my own cards every year, but through a fantastic giveaway from Shutterfly this year for bloggers, I received 50 cards for free...so I couldn't pass up on the deal!!

And I really love our cards this year - especially b/c of the two beautiful babies on them!! 
I think I might be a little biased!!

And since I've missed past Christmas Card Carousels, I thought I'd play catch up with the past couple of years!



Arbonne Giveaway Winner

We have a winner!!! 

Congratulations Diane - you won the $25 Gift Card from Arbonne!!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Stocking Hangers

So a few days back I posted about looking for new stocking hangers...well, I decided to get the candy cane ones that I found online and I LOVE them!! They are fun and work great b/c my mantle is usually full of Nutcrackers - so much this year that I couldn't put my wreath stand on the mantle like I usually do. The big guy isn't usually up high, but this year we put him up on the mantle b/c a certain 9 month old would just be too tempted by him!! LOL!

For once the four of us have matching stockings (thanks to my MIL, Barbara) and they are all hung on the mantle this year!! I had bought Michael a stocking years ago with deer on it and I never really had a stocking - now we each have our own & I expect Santa to put great goodies in each of them!!
(PLEASE excuse the horrible mobile picture - I snapped this with my phone last night just before I went to bed b/c I wanted to write about the stocking hangers today! I plan to take good pics of our Christmas decorations for another post - I'm psyched about our tree this year and can't wait to share!!)

And one last pic to share...I have a Santa is my office to greet everyone & pass out candy cane goodness to all who enter!!
I got this little guy a couple years ago as a gift from a coworker actually and now he comes out every year in my office to pass out candy canes! I think he's cute! :)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Making Gingerbread Houses & Three Parties equals lots of pictures for this post!!

We had a busy weekend (but VERY fun) to say the least!!

First the follow up to the previous post - the Gingerbread Houses! We had a blast at my sister's house Friday night making Gingerbread Houses with all the kids! Now you can buy the houses pre-made so all you have to do is decorate them - which is good b/c sometimes they need time to dry a while so they'll stay together while you decorate! This way we got right to the fun stuff!!
Here are a few snapshots of the evening & everyone's house:
 This was all the houses in the fridge hardening so the decorations wouldn't slide off!!

Emma posing with her finished house...

Aaron & Justin didn't get houses - they just got to watch!! Next year they'll be right there with the big kids, though!

Emma putting the finishing touches on her roof with help from Amanda!

I think this may become an annual tradition! Though, the kids didn't understand why we wouldn't let them eat their houses - we want them to be decorations for a little while at least!! LOL!!

Then Saturday morning we got up early for our first of three parties for the day...

First was the Childrens Christmas Party at my office:
 Aaron was a little fussy at first, but it only lasted a second!!

 Emma made cookies...
 And a Christmas ornament

 She decorated life-size gingerbread houses...

 and snowmen...
 Aaron tried his hand at the decorating, too...
 Then he just tried the decorations - I kept having to make him quit chewing on them LOL!!!

My two little reindeer!!!!

Then we headed home for a birthday party at noon - thankfully it was next door. I didn't pull out my camera much except to take a picture of the cake - wasn't it cute:

Then we actually had a little while to rest - Aaron needed a nap badly by the time we finished with all this! So, we all rested a while and later my parents came over to visit & play - they stayed at the house with Emma & Aaron while Michael & I headed out to our third & last party of the day - my bestie's birthday/annual holiday party!!
 She had a yummy lemon cake - a friend in pastry school made it & it tasted so delicious!!!
 We always have to do our own self portraits together!! LOL!
This is kinda an inside joke...but have you ever had Unicum???

It was a fun weekend, but phew...I'm tired!! 

December is always this way for us, though. Besides Emma's birthday we have three other kids' birthdays this month for close friends (well this year is the 1st b'day for #4, but going forward there will be 4 parties), plus my work party, plus the children's party at my work, plus Elaine's b'day/holiday party, plus, plus, plus...oh yeah, Christmas get-togethers with all the fam! 

It's just a busy time of the year I keep reminding Michael!!! And that's okay - b/c it's all about being together with those you love, right!?!?