Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am LOVING that my office is in boxes! Did I tell you I got a new job?? No, I guess I didn't! I'm still at the same company, but I am moving to another group. My office move is tomorrow, but I don't officially start with the new group until November 29th! I'll still be doing a bit of what I am doing now, but in a different capacity! I work with planning and budgeting for our company!

And I'm LOVING that the new job comes with a promotion!!! Very awesome! I am LOVING that I'll be moving back up high in the building - I'll be on 27 (I'm on 6 right now). I was on 28 a long time ago (we have 30 floors) and I like the view from way up high!! 

I am also LOVING that Michael & I get to have Turkey Dinner with Emma at her school tomorrow for lunch and then come back later to do a craft with her! She is going to be thrilled - she doesn't know her daddy is coming, too! I LOVE surprises!

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  1. Congrats on the promotion girl!!! So exciting!!!

  2. congrats on moving on up... literally :)

  3. SO fun about the turkey dinner with your daughter, and crafts. I love doing things like that with my kiddos, so sweet!

  4. Thanks for playing along!

    Congratulations on the new job!


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