Vanity Must Have's

Monday, November 08, 2010
Have you ever used cheek stain instead of blush - or lip stain instead of lipstick? It's all I use now. I had some years ago, but when it was finished never replaced it. Well, I've been looking for some more recently and have tried several kinds - most I did not like at all, but I finally found one I love and plan to stick with from now on - it's made by Tarte & it's wonderful!

The one I wear is called The Perfect Pink - and I use it on my cheeks & lips even though it isn't a lip stain. It's super easy to apply - unlike some that come with brushes (that doesn't work) and it lasts all day and it looks so natural!

I had never used anything from Tarte Cosmestics before, but when I bought this it came in a gift set so I got to try out several of their products - and I love them all!!! Especially their eye primer.  My eye make up looks the same way when I come home as it did when I walk out the door now - I love this stuff!!!

These two products are on my top ten vanity must haves!!! Along with my tinted moisturizer (I don't use foundation), too - I use Mary Kay, but I know there are more and more coming out on the market these days. Which do you like best if you use tinted moisturizer? I like the MK brand b/c it also has SPF and a lot of others I've seen don't offer that...though more and more are coming out so I am sure they will all soon! I read on the Tarte Cosmestics site they have tinted moisturizer as well - might be worth giving a try, though I really have no reason to leave the MK brand.