This is my Halloween post!! (Picture Overload)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
 Snow White & Dopey Dwarf...aren't they cute?
 Okay - this is getting old Mom!
 Seriously...tired of sitting here with sister hovering over me!
 Someone - please help me! I wanna get up!!
Oh - thank you!!!

LOL - she didn't torment him all night! Once we got out of the house she pretty much left Aaron alone & ran around with all her friends!! 
I thought he looked so adorable, though with his ears sticking out b/c of his hat!!

You know - trying to get all the kids to cooperate for a picture isn't easy. It's kinda like trying to herd ants or something!!!


And this was all before any sugar! LOL

 Every time Emma got candy from someone she had to report back!! "Look what I got!!" She was very excited!!
This is the group on the way home - oh, I guess I didn't mention - we hooked our trailer up to the 4-wheeler and took the kids all around the neighborhood. I think this is the 3rd or 4th year now that we've done this. We usually get hay bails, but this year decided just to put blankets down for them. Dealing with the hay after is always an issue! They didn't seem to mind one bit!!!

Everyone looked so cute! I think Darnell stole the show, though - he's going to be 2 in January and he is so tiny!! He was adorable as a cop!
 Miss Addison was our little fairy princess...
 Carlton was a pirate...
And Grayson is the only one I didn't seem to get an individual picture of (so sorry) - but he was the Power Ranger in the group!! 

We had so much fun going around and then they enjoyed sitting out waiting on trick-or-treaters to come by, too. That was really cute!
They had their chairs set up and bowls out ready to pass out candy - but you see who was sneaking candy out of Emma's bucket - DADDY!! :)

After the kids hung out at the house for a while and ran around and around and around - sugar overload even though we really didn't let them have that much! Aaron went to bed about his regular time and managed to sleep through the noise...and almost immediately after her friends left Emma was unconscious!! Sign of a fun evening!!!