Oh, I am not ready for 16!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010
Last weekend my neighbor's little girl had her Sweet 16 Birthday Party - this was a full scale blowout!! They rented a hall, had a party bus pick up Bri & some of her besties, DJ, food, cake, caricature artist, dance contests...it was a big deal! She had family that drove/flew in for the event, too. Michael & I went out of town Friday evening so we didn't make it to the party, but she asked me to take pictures of her and her friends before the event in the limo and at a few destinations of her choice. I took a little over 100 shots - and got to ride around on a party bus full of 15 & 16 year olds - now tell me that doesn't sound like fun! HA HA!

Well, after this experience all I can say is that I am NOT ready for Emma to turn 16! Don't get me wrong the kids were great - Briana is a WONDERFUL girl - and all her friends were nice kids...BUT...they all looked so GROWN!! I'm not ready for that - no way, no how! When I saw Bri come out all dressed I nearly fell over. I mean, she is a beautiful girl, but all glammed up she looked like a beautiful woman. I cannot believe she's grown up so much - she was 10 when we became neighbors - just a little girl and now she is this young lady! WOW! I know our day is coming, too and I know there isn't a thing in the world we can do about it! Felicia is an amazing mom, too and has raised two very responsible, beautiful (inside & out), lovely young ladies - I tell her all the time I hope Emma grows up to be as nice as her girls!

Bri is our baby sitter, too. She has a calling to take care of young children - in fact her dream is to own her own day care when she is grown. She is taking child development classes now in HS and wants to get a degree in the field. She is amazing with the kids and I trust her so much with my babies - it's a big deal when you leave your children with others and especially teenagers - b/c you want to know they take care of them the way you want them to be taken care of. Bri always has activities lined out for the kids - games or crafts - when we pick them up they are ready for bed - sometimes she even gives them their baths - they are fed and rested - she never hypes them up on sugar or anything - they get healthy snacks. And she doesn't let them run wild - she puts them in time out if they don't mind, so they know they aren't getting a night off to go crazy! And she keeps all the kids on the street - sometimes all on the same night if we're all going out together and is able to manage all the kids. They range from almost 5 to Aaron who is 8 1/2 months and she does a great job!

Well, this was supposed to be a post about her "photo shoot", but turned more into a brag session on Bri - Ha ha! That's okay, though b/c she & her little sister Syairah are worth bragging about!

So here are a couple pics from the night out...

See what I mean about them all looking grown??? Honestly, I don't think I would be able to handle sending Emma out in the dresses that some of these girls wore - I had a hard time believing some of the parents let the girls wear them to be honest. Most were fine, but there were a couple that I wanted to wrap a coat around! LOL! I sound so old saying that - well, I guess I just sound like a mom!!

One thing I didn't think was cute was that since Bri was wearing this bright blue dress she asked all her girlfriends to only wear black so she would stand out for the night!! Hey - when it's your Sweet 16 I guess you're entitled - right!?!?