My Little Turkey

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesterday Michael & I got to have lunch with Emma at her school & do a craft with her! It was a lot of fun and so cute to see all the kids playing & wearing their turkey hats. When they came into the cafeteria for lunch they all lined up against the wall first...
Then they sang us a couple of Thanksgiving songs...

I didn't know they were going to perform for was so cute!! Our first performance of many to come I am sure!!
(this wasn't part of the performance! LOL)
  After they sang to us we all got to sit down & eat Turkey & dressing lunch.

 After lunch we left and the kids went back to their classroom - but all the parents were invited back for art time - so around 3:00 we headed back to help make their art projects - this time we brought Aaron, too!
Felicia came, too since Carlton is in class with Emma!

 Daddy helping Emma with her feathers!
Peaking through her Thanksgiving wreath!
 Carlton's finished project!
 The Kubeczka's!!! Aaron was more worried about chewing on Tigger (he has a tooth coming in that is giving him a very hard time).
She was so excited we were there!!!

Actually - after lunch it was a little sad b/c all the parents had to leave & nearly every child started crying (include Emma & Carlton) b/c they didn't want us to leave or wanted to go with us...they didn't really care that we were coming back in a couple hours. Their teacher said that happened every time, though & shortly after they were all fine! And even MORE excited when we showed up the second time for art!!