Merry Christmas (to Bloggers) from Shutterfly

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Shutterfly is doing an amazing offer this year for Bloggers!! They are giving away holiday cards this year...and just for us Bloggers - how cool is that!?!? 

I love sending out Christmas cards! Before I had kids I just bought cute little Christmas cards to mail out to friends and family. After my babies were born, though that all changed – I wanted to show them off, of course!!! 

Emma was born December 3rd, 2006. Mother had crocheted a beautiful shawl for her to wear home from the hospital since it was cold weather. When she was all wrapped up and ready to go I took this sweet picture of her before we left the hospital (see she still had the hospital hat on)…
I love this picture. 
I think it is adorable!! 

We were only a few weeks away from Christmas when we brought our little blessing home and not only did I need to get Christmas cards out, I needed to get announcements made as well to introduce Emma to our family and friends. So…for our 2006 Christmas cards I used the picture from the day we came home from the hospital and along with saying Merry Christmas to everyone we also introduced them to Emma Grace – the perfect Christmas present!!

Aaron wasn’t born close to the holidays like Emma, but now that he is here he will share the spotlight on our Christmas card this year for the first time with his big sister!!! I've been going through pictures trying to decide which pictures I'd like to use and taking tons more to pick the right pictures!! This year I think I might do a few pictures to show what my babies have been doing this year!

Besides Christmas Photo Cards, Shutterfly also has great gifts in their store. I think some of my favorite Shutterfly products are the keychains so I can always carry around my babies as well as the calendars! I am a calendar freak - it's actually an addiction. I have multiple calendars - on my desk, the walls, my padfolio, my phone, my computer - and they all get updated and used all the time! For those on my desk or the walls I love to be able to put pictures on them and even the calendars I use on my desktop! Go check them out!!