Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Help!!!

Thanks to my MIL Michael, Emma, Aaron & I now have a set of matching stockings for Christmas - they are so cute (I'll take pics to post soon - Thanks Barbara)...but I don't have any thing to hang them with on my mantle. I've bought stocking holders before, but none have been great and end up falling off when I would actually put anything in the stocking. 

I had ones similar to these before:
While these are really cute - those bases never hold very well. The edge of my mantle is not a hard corner and they are never deep enough and always end up teetering off - I've broken a couple of snowflake holders this way!!

So - I've been searching online a bit and I did find these:

These looks like they would hold a lot and I wouldn't have to worry about them falling off or breaking if they did happen to fall! And I like that they are a bit whimsical b/c that's how our new stockings are (new to Michael, Aaron & me - Emma already had one). 

So - have you ever used stocking holders like these? Do they work? If not, what do you use? I usually line my mantle with Nutcrackers - I collect them - and I think these would fit easily in between them as well on the mantle and not take away room needed. And I have large candy canes like these that I put on our tree, too so it would bring the mantle & the tree together some, too!!! And the best part is the price - they are only $16.95 for a set of 4! Can't beat that - I found a beautiful NOEL set a couple weeks ago, but it was over $50!! I couldn't see paying that for it...

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  1. I love ours too! She does good at making those. Hobby Lobby had their Christmas stuff on sale last week and they had some cute ones.


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