30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 28 & 29

Monday, November 08, 2010
We were out of town this weekend - I managed to get a quick pic of Sable posted for Day 26, but yesterday was so busy that I didn't have a chance to post for Day 28. So - today you get a double dose!!

Day 28: Something that stresses you out:

You know I wrote the other day about lessons learned and that I try very hard now to just let things go...it makes for a less stress environment!!! But one thing that does stress me is making plans. Now, I'm not some OCD person that has an itinerary for every day that I have to follow & then bugs out if we get five minutes off track! NO! NO WAY - that is NOT what I am talking about. I love to just do things on a whim! What I'm talking about is making plans to do something and then at the very last minute changing those plans...ESPECIALLY this stresses me if other people are involved. 

I mean if I say I am going to be some where then I will...I know too many people who make plans and then at the last moment back out for some reason (some times they don't even give a reason - they just don't show) and I know how irritating that is...so I don't want to do it to other people. 

Michael on the other hand seems to hate plans! I mean usually if we have something on the calendar there are no worries - we'll do it. But if something comes up and I have to cancel on people it stresses me! I like to stick to the original plan so that I don't inconvenience other people. I wish I could say, "Oh well - I should do what I want anyway!", but...well, it just stresses me!

Day 29 (today's challenge): Wishes

I wish for the same things that everyone wants - a long & happy life! Good things for my family! I wish to be a good wife & a good mother! I wish for my kids to grow up happy & healthy and to be a good example to them of a good person and a good Christian. 

I have vain wishes, too!! I wish I had a perfect body - I wish I could make a living taking pictures - or that I was wealthy and didn't have to worry about making a living!! I wish this challenge wasn't about to end!! I wish I had all the answers!!!!

I wish, I wish with all my might...
(link up at Katie's blog)

(ummm...I think I need to read a little closer - the challenge was THREE wishes!!! I just read wishes - well, I have more than three there!!!)