Friday, November 05, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26

Day 26: A Picture of Your Family

Sadly, we haven't taken but one picture with the four of us together - I'm always the one taking the pictures, so there are very few pictures of me at all. I need to start sitting us down on a more regular basis, though and take pictures of our family all together!!
This picture was taken at Easter - another reason to take more recent pics that include me is that Michael and I together have lost about about 60lbs since this picture was taken, too so it isn't my favorite picture of me obviously - and Aaron is a LOT bigger now (he's 8 months now), but I do love this picture of our family!! 

I think this picture is a happy family! We are a happy family - no, of course not all the time - but every night, no matter what happens, I can still thank God that He gave me this family! I love this family more than anything in the world - this family is my life - this family makes me a complete person.

I don't have enough post space to put pictures up of my ENTIRE family - if you've been following the challenge, you know I have a huge family - and that is just my side of the house not including Michael's - yeah, we would run out of room to post all those pics!! So, I just stuck with a picture of my little family!

Thanks for today's challenge Katie - I love it!!! As I've loved this entire challenge - I'll be sad to see it end.

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  1. You all look great! You children and so adorable!

  2. LOVE this picture!!!!!! Very nice!

  3. yall are so cute (and matching!)


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