30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Day 23: Favorite Vacation

I feel like I've been writing about Spain a lot lately!! Favorite cities, things I miss (traveling) and now favorite vacation...

I don't mind talking about it b/c it was so awesome, but I hope y'all don't get tired of hearing about it!! LOL

I've said it before (recently) - I've got to travel a lot overseas: Egypt, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Amsterdam...most were visiting family, too with the exception of Italy & Spain. My niece & I spent Spring Break our Senior year in college in Italy and then I went to Spain with three other friends after college. All the other vacations with family were so much fun, too but the trip to Spain was one I'll never forget! We had the very best time on that trip!

I went with my friend Elaine, her husband Kenny & another friend named C.J.

This is Kenny & CJ:
And this is me & Elaine:
I do have tons of pics, but this was during the film age and I don't have all of them in digital files so my images that I can share online are limited sadly!
(This is one of Elaine's pics - this one of mine isn't scanned)

We stayed in Barcelona & in Valencia & Tarragona - in Valencia we stayed at a friend's apartment while she was in the U.S. and it was during the Las Fallas Festival.
These pictures are of the ninots (you can read about them in the link above), before it was burned obviously:
They were so beautiful - it's hard to imagine that they all get burned down.
 (aren't the ladies beautiful??)
(street performer - this isn't a statue)

We also spent time at Parc Guell (please excuse these pictures - when I head my negatives scanned they got scanned incorrectly):
Since visiting here Gaudi has become one of my favorite artists!! I actually have a stuffed animal of the Dragon on my computer at work!! LOL!!
It's sad, but I hear this dragon has been quite damaged recently from children climbing on it & people touching it too much.

We toured La Sagrada Familia - sadly none of those negatives have been scanned - that is a good project to add to my 101 in 1001 list!! Sooo...here is a pic I found online and of course there are more at the link above:

Gaudi's work was also in Barcelona very near where we were staying...the Casa Batllo. This became apartments and very interesting looking apartments at that!! 

We also went to Tarragona - which was awesome as beautiful as Barcelona & Valencia. 
(see, not all my negatives got scanned wrong thankfully!!)

The entire trip was so much fun - I was with great friends in an amazing place(s) and we just had a wonderful time! I got my first international driver's license for this trip - though I drove in Egypt without - LOL!! We explored, we drank, we went to clubs & museums, had amazing food (first time I tried paella - one of the best things I've ever eaten), made new friends - Elaine was actually involved in an international club at the time that was based in Barcelona & we got the opportunity to actually meet those folks face to face!

So - for these reasons & so many more this has to be my favorite vacation of all time. I would love to go to Spain with my family - though I think the adventures we went on there might be a little different than those I did as a single girl overseas with friends! :) I would love for them to see the world, though - wherever their adventures may take them!

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