Monday, November 01, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 22

Day 22: Favorite City

This is really a hard one for me...I mean I love Houston b/c that's where my family is. I don't like the weather and could do without the traffic, but that is and forevermore will be Houston so I can't like Houston without accepting that. I didn't grow up in Houston - I grew up a couple hours from Houston in a very small town & I still go there often b/c my Grannie is there and my two brothers are there and lots of other family is there. My parents, my two sisters and their kids & grand-kids are here, too. Michael grew up in Houston so most of his family is here, too. For those reasons - I love Houston. 

BUT, I wouldn't mind living somewhere that had 4 3-month seasons either! My friend recently moved to Pennsylvania and has been posting pictures of the beautiful foliage up there - it looks so beautiful!! And I've been to Spain and had the best time ever there, so I love Barcelona! Though, when you're on vacation you're usually having fun so of course you're going to love those cities. But could you live in them????? I've only lived in Texas - in my tiny town of Broaddus, then I moved to Waco when I went to college (Baylor), then moved back to ETx to Nacogdoches when I transferred to SFA, then to Houston after I got my undergrad and I've been here ever of all the places I've actually lived, I like Houston! Of the places I've traveled - well, I've loved many of them, but I think I had the best time in Barcelona!! 

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  1. I lived in southern CA my entire life and I think we averaged 70 degrees all year long. It was wonderful and beach country. Then we moved to NC 4 years ago and I get the seasons now and I do love it! I miss the year round warmth without humidity but, the seasons make me appreciate each season and holiday more! YOu'd love it out here:-). I would love to go to Spain someday!

  2. I would love to visit Houston---or simply Texas for that matter. Maybe I'll make it there one day :)

  3. Oh Houston...I cannot do the humidity there! If you are ever in central TX, such as Fredericksburg, you better let me know! That's where I am at!

  4. I would love to venture to Texas and just tour around to all the wonderful towns that Texas has to offer. I fear that I would be touring for a really long time ;)


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