12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 8

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
I'm sure I'll catch flack for this, but two of the things I really don't like about the holidays are the putting up and taking down of the decorations. I know a lot of people say the taking down is yucky, but most people don't mind the putting up part! My thing is I don't like to take down & pack up existing decorations/room decor to make room for Christmas decorations - so what's seem to happen over the years is that other than the tree I've really culled through my decorations and don't seem to have as much out each year anymore. I know some people that completely empty the rooms in their homes of everything that is out and then store them away to make room for holiday decorations. 

Does that make me a scrooge???? 

Maybe this year I'll try it - I'll take down everything & put them in their own storage containers - get my mantle and everything else 100% cleared off and start fresh with Christmas decorations - instead of trying to work them in together. We'll see!! We haven't started decorating yet, though. Emma's birthday is the 3rd and her party is the 4th at home, so I always try to wait until after her b'day to put up decorations - I just don't want her birthday to disappear into Christmas over the years - I want it to be separate and special for her!


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Day 3: Most meaningful gift/best gift you've received
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Day 6: Gift ideas (what do YOU want? We all have family/friends reading our blogs...so let them know!)
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