Monday, October 25, 2010

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was a busy day - we had errands to run & a birthday party that evening, plus we have wanted to go to the pumpkin patch that is near the house for a while now - so we were up and at 'em early Saturday!! (Update about the birthday party to follow - it was fabulous!!)

There is an exotic animal farm near our house - I've driven past it a time or two, but never paid too much attention to it. I just thought it was someone with an interest in camels & kangaroos and such! Well, our neighbors informed us that they have a pumpkin patch there, too with lots of activities for the kiddos! So, off we went Saturday morning to visit!!

They had tons of pumpkins of course, but they also had a lot of crafts - face painting, pumpkin painting, paper crafts, etc. They also had several photo sites set up to take pictures of your little ones. Now I've mentioned before that lately Emma doesn't want to sit & smile for pictures for me much anymore and when there are tons of activities around she wants to even less - well, now my handsome little man is getting distracted, too! I tried to take pictures of him in a couple different places I we couldn't get him to look to the camera...

He'd look left, he'd look right...
He'd look left, he'd look right...
So, we took a break from the pics & just played a while...
and picked out our pumpkin...
Then we tried again for pictures - I got her still for a moment!!
Look at that little Buddha Belleh!!
He didn't mind sittin' still a while longer!!
Daddy got to play, too - he showed us all how to hula hoop!
And Emma got to paint & decorate a little pumpkin, too. She had more fun doing this than anything I think!
Pretty!!! Sparkly!!
  And she was very serious about getting it just right!
It had to have all her "favorite colors"!!
Then she & I made a bird feeder together...
It was messy fun, but thankfully they had plastic gloves for us! Now we just need to get daddy to hang it up for us!
We didn't ride the camel or the hayride, but we did get to pet this little guy!! 
(Don't ask about the diaper b/c I don't know either...)
 She was very friendly & super soft!! There were some cute little pigs, too but believe it or not they were napping with everyone running around. I guess they are just used to it - they spent the whole time we were there cuddled together in the corner of their pen snuggled in the hay!
Aaron picked out his pumpkin, too! "This one's mine!!!"
The morning was a blast! We had a good time & have a great pumpkin at home now to carve - maybe we'll get that done tonight! 

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Amazing pictures! And the birdfeeder is adorable! <3 the kangaroo and your little man as well! (what a cute belly!) :)

  2. Cute pictures! Is that a kangaroos??!! I want one!!;)

  3. Great pictures and looks like such a cute farm! I am waiting for the day that Daisy stops looking at's already starting because she is intersted in what is going on around her and I'm He is so cute!!

  4. Where was this pumpkin patch?


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