Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

We love this cooler weather that we've been having - it's actually warmed up just a bit right now, but overall it is so much more pleasant to be outside and let's face it, everyone is happier when they spend time outdoors having fun! Well, I know my kids are anyway!

There is a fantastic park near our home that has great family events. Yesterday they hosted Sunday Afternoon in the Park - a family fun day. There were hayrides, carnival type games (even a section specifically for 2-5 year olds), crafts, clowns, snacks...all kinds of stuff. So after church Emma & I loaded up and went with the Haydens. Aaron & Michael hung out at home, but came out to meet us all afterwards for dinner & more playing! Several kids came dressed up, too & took pictures - they had places decorated and set up for photo opportunities! It was a blast!
 They played various games & then got to choose their own prizes.
 They made fun crafts - this one was fitting b/c lately Emma sings, "I'm bringing home a baby bumble-bee. Won't my mommy be so proud of me..." - you know the song!
 They got fun Halloween tattoos - which Emma made sure I didn't wash off during her bath that night! :)
After we all went to Grimaldi's (Yum-O) and then went out the waterway to play in the splash pad a while. No one actually got wet b/c it was a tiny bit chilly, but it was still fun to run through the fountains & try to stay dry! Aaron had the penthouse view from the top of daddy's shoulders!

We had a great weekend & this was a fun end to it.

Click through the stack to see all of the pictures from the park.

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