Monday, October 04, 2010

She loved the cheerleaders!

So...a few weeks ago we went to watch Michael's cousin play football. This was Emma's first football game & well, let's just say she was more interested in the cheerleaders & the mascot.

In fact, I was pretty proud of her b/c she wanted to go down & see the mascot & give him a high five. I figured she was just talking b/c she saw the other kids do it, but she actually did it. Now, you have to know that my child is afraid of Santa & every other life size character - she won't go near someone dressed up even if it's her favorite character like Dora.

Maybe she's finally grown out of it - I don't know. But Michael walked her down to the fence & she gave the mascot a high five. Way to go baby girl!

Maybe we'll actually get a good picture of her with Santa this year - but I'm not getting my hopes up! 

So a couple days ago we were outside enjoying this beautiful weather & Emma caught a glimpse of her shadow - she started dancing & watching her shadow - then the dancing became some sort of cheer.


I did not notice until just now watching it back, but she begins & ends her "routine" the way the cheerleaders did - standing still with her hands behind her back facing away from her audience - or in this case her shadow b/c she was watching herself! 

She's got down the routines of the Fresh Beat Band, too. Every time they come on she has to stop what she's doing & dance with them! I need to capture that on video!

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