Recipe I have to share...

Monday, October 04, 2010
My niece came over to visit yesterday - she brought stuff to make chile con queso - we make this a lot, but she brought fresh cilantro and turkey chili to add to it and it made it oh so much better! I didn't know what I was going to cook for us, but she inspired me to cook Mexican food so we made fajitas. They were yummy! I also made Spanish rice and I have to say that I love my Spanish rice. It's simple and easy and tasty!

Though - that isn't the recipe I want to share this morning...

But before I get to the recipe I just want to say that Michael and I had a great date this weekend for our anniversary! We went out for yummy seafood - went to see The Town - and then had Tutti Frutti for dessert. Normally we go to Orange Leaf b/c it's closer to our house, but we were on the opposite side of town Saturday night so we tried Tutti Frutti instead. It was just as good...and we found out they are building one even closer to our house soon!
They didn't have my favorite - Coffee - but I overheard someone who got Almond say it tasted just like coffee so I might have to try that one next time!!

And about The, it was good!! It wasn't so much an edge of your seat thriller b/c you could kinda see what was coming...and there were times when the thick Boston accent made me ask, "What did he say?"...but overall the movie was so good. I'm glad we went.

The entire weekend was so beautiful, too. I actually wore a long sleeved shirt Saturday night b/c it was cooler - hey, we live in Texas, so if the temp drops below 90 degrees it is considered to be cool out! This morning the temp read 59 on my way into work!

Oh...we also bought tickets to take Emma to see Disney Princesses on Ice in November. It's going to be a girls' night out & she'll get to dress up. I haven't told her yet since it's so far away, but I can't wait to see her reaction when she finds out. I think she is going to be thrilled.
She already has a princess dress to wear b/c she is going to be Snow White for Halloween & Aaron is going to be Dopey Dwarf - he is the only dwarf without a beard.

I looked every where for the costume or at least a pattern, but couldn't find one anywhere - in the end my brilliant mother made the costume for him just from looking at the picture. She is amazing!! I can't wait to share pictures - they are going to be soooo adorable!! Emma loved modeling her dress for us!

So, on to that recipe I wanted to share! My niece told me that her roommates were very healthy eaters and that they were always making these really great recipes - she told me about this one & said it was yummy so last night we made a run to the store for Smoothie supplies...

(oh Michael got me a drink blender for our anniversary to make smoothies & it's awesome...) while we were there I also bought stuff for the dip. Now, it sounds different - very different - but I promise you it is soooo good. I brought some with me to work today for a snack this afternoon with reduced fat wheat crackers - Jessica said they ate it with pretzel crisps, but I couldn't find any last night.

Here are the ingredients:
1 cucumber
2 stalks of celery
3 green onions
1 container of fat free cottage cheese
Ranch Dressing mix/powder

Dice up all the veggies very small (the quantities could vary to taste, but that's how many I used), then just mix it all up together. Let it chill in the fridge about an hour and enjoy! See - simple!!! And I promise it tastes delicious! 

Something else she told me about was to put a spoonful of peanut butter in oatmeal. So, this morning when I went down for breakfast that's what I got and I have to say it's pretty tasty, too. So, thanks Jessica for these two little goodies! If any of you try either of these you'll have to let me know how you like them!