Pictures to follow...

Monday, October 11, 2010
Aaron got to ride on his first hay ride this weekend!! We went out to the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm for a fall event my neighbor's work puts on every year. I took pics, but we were running every which way all weekend so I will have to post them later b/c they are still on my camera right now...time was not my friend this weekend!! The kids had a blast - we roasted wienies for hot dogs & marshmallows for s'mores and just had a great time.

And good & bad news - Aaron has another tooth coming in (this makes 5), which means he was up most of Friday night, which in turn also means I was up most of Friday night. So as you would guess Saturday morning was pretty rough for me. After a little time to rest up from the night before Michael & I started in on the house & cleaned from top to bottom! We spent all morning working.

Saturday evening all the kids got to hang out together while all the adults took off for the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival - which was also a blast & a fun adults only night out!!

Sadly, though I can't really tell you much about the catfish - while trying to balance my drinks, my just-purchased-plate of catfish & my bags (hey, I had to buy stuff from a couple booths) my plate toppled over and I lost all my dinner onto the street. :( I think I had taken one bite.

All wasn't lost, though b/c like all good carnivals there was another booth selling food close by, but I decided to get something other than the fried fish - I took my latest plate falling to the floor that I didn't need the fried food anyway! Ha!

I did spend some time in one artist's booth - her name was Natasha Mylius - she had a great display of her fine art & I really liked several pieces.  I particularly liked her Figurative works. She had a couple of Flamenco pieces that were beautiful...
There were lots of other great booths, too selling everything from Harley Davidson paraphernalia to kids crafts (bows, etc) so we had plenty to browse through! And of course, plenty of carnival food & rides, too! It was a fun night!

Sunday we went to my parents' house - we have friends that came in from overseas who are visiting for a while - they have visited about once a year for the past few years and it's always fun to see them. It's usually like Christmas for Emma & Aaron and this time was no exception. Among other things Emma got this cute backpack sporting a pink elephant on it - of course, she had to carry it to school today!!

Sunday evening I got caught up on the laundry. That was the only thing I hadn't finished from Saturday morning, but it's all put up and now I get to start it all over again!! LOL! Hope you had a great weekend, too!