Painting with a Twist

Thursday, October 07, 2010
If you've never done this - do it!! It is sooo much fun! Several months ago my friend Kim asked me to go with her to a painting class & ever since then I've been hooked. We try to go every month, though August & September we just couldn't get it together to go, so we missed a couple of months. But last night we finally were able to get back on track and attend another class.

Here is my painting from last night...the top one is the final version, obviously without the flash the blue isn't quite as bright, but you can see the difference after I finished the highlights on the boat & the water...
Now obviously I'm no Van Gough, but I was still please with the outcome.And regardless of the outcome it's just such a fun night out! We bring wine & snacks and the group usually is fun and all interact with one another. I can't wait till Emma is old enough to go.
Check out their website - they have several locations & new ones are opening all the time! And you know, my daughter thinks I'm an artist! She always goes on and on about my paintings, so I do have an audience that loves my work! LOL!

Speaking of Emma - it's sweater weather here (for a few days anyway) so she has to wear her "rainbow sweater" to school now & I snapped this picture of her Monday morning before we headed out the door.

(Aaron wore his sweater, too but it wasn't quite as colorful...ha!)