Jacob's 2nd Birthday - A Pirate Party

Monday, October 25, 2010
First off - well done Jamie!! The party was adorable - even down to the Pirates of the Caribbean playing in the background. Nice touch!! All the decorations were cute & the favors & well, just all of it! Especially the birthday boy - he and his sister were dressed up in pirate costumes!

Emma had a great time AND she got to jump on their new trampoline - this was a first for her. She was a little timid at first (as she always is with something new), but after a while she didn't want to get off!! LOL!

There were treasure maps & eye patches as favors and the next day at my parents' house Emma & Anne (friend visiting) went on treasure hunts for the pumpkin that Emma had decorated at the pumpkin patch. She would put on her eye patch and then have to go take a look at her map to figure out where the "treasure" had been hidden! They did this for the longest time - it was hilarious! So - great favors Jamie!!

The birthday boy was having such a great time he didn't stop for pictures much - the few times I did catch him for a picture he was too quick and I ended up with a picture of him running offs somewhere! Both of my kiddos were fast asleep by the time we made it home - we walked in the house & put them both straight in their beds. Ha ha - another sign of a good party!

See my loot??
Arrrr Matey!
This hat belonged to the birthday boy, but Aaron wanted to try it out once!