Homemade Baby Food

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
I'm so proud of myself! When I had Emma I swore that I was going to make her baby food - yeah right!! If someone wanted to work for me or do laundry or cook dinner or bathe babies or...well, you get the idea - I never found/made the time. After everything else was done it was worth my time to just buy baby food. And honestly it isn't terribly expensive (until you add it all up - Ha!) and it's sooo convenient - until you're out of it one night & don't want to go to the grocery store of course!

Well, when I had Aaron I again swore that I was going to make baby food for him and until last night the story for Aaron was the same as Emma! I made homemade baby food last night for my little man!!! Remember the drink blender Michael bought me...well, we use it every night to make smoothies so it's almost always out on the counter. So, last night I was cooking dinner and after I steamed our veggies I set a bowl of them aside prior to seasoning them. Then after I finished cooking I put the veggies into the mixer and voila - baby food!! I did add about a tablespoon of water b/c it got thick, but otherwise it was perfect & Aaron loved it! And it was so quick and easy - why in the world did I ever think before that I didn't have time for this??

This mixer is perfect for it, too. I always cook a vegetable side anyway, so I'll just put a little to the side for Aaron each night now - and I'm going to try it with starches, too. I bought a jar of mac 'n cheese for him so I thought I'd try that, too and we always have a ton of fruit on hand - he'll love that!! I'm not sure about the meat, though. I might Google that & see about meat recipes for baby food.

I don't plan on making so much at a time that I need to freeze it, but if I do I'll just use ice trays or I have these perfect little plastic containers that are about 2 ounces I think that will work great. I figured I could either just make a little for him each night out of what we're already eating or on Sunday evenings make up a big container of fruit and another of veggies for the week - maybe a helping of pasta and chicken or something...then I can just keep that in the fridge for about three days (that's the shelf life of store bought baby food once it has been opened). I could take those to the baby sitter & just make Aaron a fresh serving each night while I'm cooking dinner.

So...do you make homemade baby food??? Got any secrets for me??? Tips?? I'd love to hear!!