He's Standing Up To Everything Now

Saturday, October 16, 2010
I think Aaron is going to be an early walker, just like his sister! He pulls up all the time and on everything. Today he discovered the windows in the foyer and that he could look outside if he stood up to them!! He was there a while checking things out today!!

It hit me today that he is going to be eight months next weekend on the 23rd - eight months!!! That's crazy ridiculous, isn't it?? It's just going by so fast. And Emma is going to be four in just a couple more months. I'm going to have a four year old! That isn't possible...is it??

We had a great day today, too. We started early - grocery store and cleaning house, but by noon we were relaxing! My parents came over to visit with friends and we grilled burgers and visited a while. After they left we played outside with the neighbors - it was so beautiful outside. I love this weather!! Then Michael had a poker game and my neighbor came over after all the kids went to bed to watch a movie with me - it turned out to be a nice girls' night!! We watched Cop Out with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan - it was hysterical!!!

Now I'm waiting on Michael to get home and I'm actually having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I was up too early this morning with my darling Emma - she just can't seem to sleep late on a weekend!! LOL! Sometimes I miss the days when I could stay up all night long...but then I think about everything I will have to do the next day and how early my kids will be up and my eyes are shut!! G'night!