Baby Kissy Pics

Friday, October 01, 2010
Baby kisses are so sweet!! And I love when they give themselves kissies in the mirror - makes a mess to clean up, but it's soooo adorable that I just don't care!

This is Emma at 11 months - she was playing dress up in Teta's beads...
 (I had a whole set of pictures from this day of her playing in all the beads - they are all so adorable and then something happened to my external hard drive before I was able to upload them and I Lost. Them. All!!! I was devastated, but I worked with some recovery software and was finally able to get them back after a few days of messing with it. I was literally sick over losing these cute pics and though I didn't get them back at full resolution, I was so thrilled when the software worked.)

And this is Aaron at 7 months at Grannie's house this past weekend giving kisses....
Aaron has just started to give kisses - he just opens his mouth & leans towards you, I don't know if he's really giving kisses or just looking for something to eat (LOL), but I give kisses when he does it!!