Aaron's Scrapbook

Monday, October 11, 2010
Here is the latest page in Aaron's scrapbook - for his 5 & 6 months!

It's really so hard to believe he is already 7 1/2 months old - he is crawling very well now - hands and knees, no more inchworm - so we really have to be on the lookout b/c in a heartbeat he's in the next room. And he has already started to pull up - Sunday was a very active day for him. He pulled up several times and when he did it at the coffee table he also gnawed a bit on the edge of the table - that's a result of the 5th tooth that is trying to come in right now!!! 

Emma started crawling at 6 months so he's about a month behind her there...and she was walking at 10 months (yeah, I know!!), so we'll see in a few more months if he is going to stay on pace with her or not. Other than baby food I haven't introduced too much to him - he's had an egg & mashed potatoes & a couple of times we've given him tastes of cool whip - though he does love yogurt. He eats yogurt a lot (we're all big yogurt eaters) & Emma loves to feed it to him. The other morning I had them both up and ready and I went back in to the bathroom to finish my makeup - when I came back Emma had got some of her yogurt from the fridge & was feeding him. It was soooo cute & she was doing a very good job! She is such a good big sister!! Now, if I could just get her to quick taking his toys away she would be a perfect big sister - ha!!