Aaron's Menu - I'm Talking Homemade Baby Food

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
So...I've been making homemade baby food, like I said before...why, oh why haven't I been doing this all along? Why didn't I do this with Emma? It's awesome & tasty - even I like the taste of it. I taste everything I feed my children - I figure if I don't like it I can't really expect them to either. 

I started with just veggies - mixed veggies - then mac 'n cheese - then chicken - then on to fruits! So basically whatever we're having for dinner I usually set some aside for Aaron (so it doesn't get all seasoned up) and whatever he doesn't finish for dinner I take to the babysitter for his lunch. On the weekends I make big batches & freeze some then the babysitter has some on reserves just in case!

I don't know why I thought this was a grueling process before:

 First off - I love my Pampered Chef Steamer - this is the best thing I've every purchased from PC. I use this almost nightly when I cook dinner. It too easy not to - just put in my veggies (fresh or frozen), seasoning & about a tablespoon or two of water - put it in the microwave for about five minutes & my side is done! Awesome!
 So, last night for Aaron I steamed yellow squash - we're big squash eaters in our family. Emma LOVES zucchini - especially grilled zucchini. YUM! 
See the steam coming up out of the bowl??
 When it it cooked I just put the cooked squash into the small blender cup...
put the cup on the mixer and puréed the squash...
 andhere is the finished product. Another thing I've noticed making Aaron's baby food - the color is a lot more intense in everything I've made myself when compared to what I've bought in jars. I'm taking that to be a good thing!! :) 
And if it's too thin I just add a little dry cereal or if it's too thick I add a little milk or water (depending on what the food is) till I get it just right!
 Last night I also fixed fruit for Aaron - Pears (we did apples once before & he liked that)! I've bought jarred pears for him before & he seemed to really like them so I figured he would LOVE fresh pears! I started by slicing the pear in half and then baking them in the microwave like baking an apple. I left the skin on, but...
 next time I might peel it first b/c it wasn't very easy to get the skin off like I thought it would be after it was cooked. When we baked the apple before the fruit pulled away from the skin very easily and I was able to use a spoon to scoop it out - the pear took a bit more finesse.
I eventually got it all out, though and after I cleaned the squash out of the mixing cup I filled it with the fruit...and commenced to purée it as well...
 So, this was what Aaron had for dinner last night & is having for lunch today!
 Sunday I made mixed veggies and chicken & mashed potatoes - I kept out some for Aaron to eat that evening & then the rest I froze in ice cube trays to take to the sitter.
While it was freezing I labeld a couple of ziploc bags and then popped the food cubes out of the trays, filled the bags & off to the sitter they went! Easy peasy!
So - again - why did I think this was a grueling task?? If you're even thinking about trying it, please do - you'll see it's such an easy thing to do & kinda fun, too! And it actually tastes good - like I said I always taste what I feed my kids and though they eat it and seem to be okay with the taste, the jarred stuff tastes gross to me sometimes. The fruits are usually okay, though!

We are supposed to carve our pumpkins tonight & I am going to see if I can't google a yummy pumpkin recipe. If you make your own baby food I would love to know your secrets - what great recipes do you use if any? So far what I've been making is pretty basic. I haven't added anything - no salts or seasoning or butter - just plain fruit, veggies or chicken. I am sure though Aaron should be at the point where I can add a little something for him - guess that's something I need to research, too though. 

And fruits? If you make fruit how do you prepare it. So far I've only made the apple and pear. I figure banana wouldn't need any preparation and probably not strawberries - but what about other fruits?