Monday, October 18, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: A Place You've Traveled To

Before I got married I traveled internationally quite a bit. I have family in Egypt, Switzerland, California - all over, so I've been to all those places. Then as I got older I traveled with friends. I spent Spring Break my senior year in college in Italy and then after college went to Spain with friends. I love to travel! Since Michael and I got married we have vacationed with my family and with his brother's family and on our own - but they've all been domestic vacations - the furthest trip being to Colorado. One of these days, though I hope my kiddos are excited to travel and see the world like I was and we start taking them overseas again. They have to go to Egypt - after all they are part Egyptian! And Michael's family is Polish and he's never even been to Poland - so that is a trip I would like to make as well. 

It's hard to pick a favorite place I've been to, though. All the trips hold great memories. I think Barcelona might be one of my favorite cities, though. We had such a great time on that trip!! 

So...that being said here are a few pics from trips I've made!

This is the view of Las Ramblas from the top of the Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona.
This is during the Las Fallas festival in Valencia.
This is us white water rafting in Colorado (that's my BIL).
This is a trip to see Abu Simbel.
And this cute picture of Emma is in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 
 This picture is from Aaron's first family vacation - we went to Sea World with Michael's brother & his family. I think he enjoyed it!!

Sorry - I know the challenge for today was "A" picture of a place I've visited, but I love to go places and I love to take pictures - LOTS of pictures!! LOL!

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