30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

Friday, October 15, 2010
Day 5: Your Siblings
Okay - so this is my mother AND my siblings, but I just love this picture. It is my favorite of all of us together!! This picture was taken in 2004 (two months after I got married) during Christmas in my home town. My two brothers still live there & one of my sisters has a house there still, though she lives in Houston, too - same as my mother, my other sister & me!

So from left to right:
Me (the baby), my sister Teresa (the oldest), my brother David (4th child), my sister Donna (3rd child), my brother Riki (2nd oldest) and that's our beautiful mother in the middle! 

My sister Teresa has 4 kids & 6 grandchildren.
Riki has 10 kids (I think that was the last count. HA!) and he has 5 grandchildren!
Donna has two boys - neither are married yet so no grandchildren.
And the baby (before I came along 14 years later), David has one daughter who just had her 2nd baby last week! So he has two grandchildren!

I would LOVE to get a family picture of EVERYONE, but it is so hard to get the whole gang together. We try every year when we go home for Christmas, but do you know how difficult it is to schedule around all these schedules - plus there is all my cousins & their families - my mother's brother's descendants! But...I do have this one picture from 2005, with most everyone there. 
This isn't the best picture b/c half of us are in shadow, but it was a rare opportunity when we were all in the same place! That's my Grannie in the middle in red - she just turned 96 this year!

Because I came along later in life for my mom, I didn't live at home much with any of my siblings. The oldest two were already out of the house when I came along & my youngest sister got married & was out of the house when I was 2. David, the youngest brother was in the house with me a little growing up, but only through part of elementary really - by the time I was in 5th grade I think, he was out of the house, too. So, I haven't always been SUPER close to my siblings b/c of that, but as I've grown up I think I've become closer to them - a lot! And I'm so thankful for that b/c I love them all so very much. We are truly 5 VERY different people, too. It's hard to believe we all came from the same family some times! I think that's something I love, too b/c I have my favorite parts of each of my siblings and they are all unique to me!
I love having such a big family. And I have nieces & nephews that are older than me, which people have a hard time understanding - and I even have great- nieces & nephews (which yes, makes me a GREAT aunt - and I am great, LOL!!), which people also think is weird. I don't b/c it's all I've ever known!

Here are a few more pics of my brothers & sisters...and me!

(yeah, I know - I'm the black sheep!!)
(Riki & his oldest)