30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Day 20: Nicknames

I've only had one real nickname - okay, being named Hanna everyone has called me Hanna Banana at one time or another, but that's not my nickname!!
Since I was born my father has called me MishMish - it's the Egyptian word for Apricot. I don't know why he chose this name for me honestly, but it is what he has always called me. He rarely calls me Hanna. I also use it online all the time now - my site is MishMish.Org - when I don't want to use my real name online I use MishMish - it's what most of my online profiles say.

Michael has a name that can be shortened. A lot of people call him Mike - I don't!! My children don't really have names that can be shortened. Emma & Aaron. I mean, I've called Emma "Em" a couple of times - but I can't really shorten Aaron unless I just call him "A" - LOL! I call them brother & sister a lot, but I think a lot of moms do that. 

Honestly I really didn't want names that could be changed by folks when I named my kids - like Kathy for Katherine or Vicki for Victoria or Jimmy for James - I like those names, but I didn't want people to take liberties I guess is what I'm saying and call my children something else unless that's what we called them in our family. Make sense? It's weird I know...you can't shorten Hanna either, that's why the only thing people have ever called me was Hanna Banana - that is until Hanna Montana hit the screen (and yes, I know she spells it Hannah, but I don't spell mine that way!!)...

So - what's your nickname?
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